Sunday, 25 December 2016

CLOUD WATCHING..........GarethLancaster

There's a rhino, 
There's a hippo,
And a super eight-winged bat!
There's a lion,
And a monkey,
In a giant boulder hat!

There's a castle ,
With a dragon
And the knight who's come to slay!
There's an octopus,
With shoes on,
And he's holding a bouquet! 

There a man,
With untied laces,
Who's just fallen in a pond!
And a wizard,
In galoshes ,
Trying to mend his broken wand! 

There's a boy,
Who's doing nothing,
Gazing up at cloudy skies.
Yes it's me,
I should be busy,
I've got school work to revise!hat!